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The research
La Terra, il Colore – STORIE FIESOLANE
Chille de la Balanza

Will focus on three areas: stories from the city of Florence, stories from the Tuscany coutryside – Fiesole area – and stories form the ex-asylum of San Salvi, where the project partner Chille de la Balanza is based and which acts as a middle point between the urban and the rural dimension.

For the delivery of the action CBD will work in cooperation with the Associated partner Associazione Gruppo Le Falene – for Florence – and with anthropologists from the University of Florence – for the Tuscany coutryside.

An important event of storytelling (La terra, il colore - Storie fiesolane The earth, the color. Tales of Fiesole) will debut in the Estate Fiesolana 2014 (June 23). A bilingual storytelling event in Italian and English, based on stories from Fiesole, teaching us the importance if including in our lives "different" people.

Ginevra Degli Amieri

An itinerary in Florence city center based on an true medieval story known as Ginevra degli Amieri.

CDB is a storytelling theatre company founded in Naples in the '70s with the goal to search and tell popular stories. Since 1985 CDB are based in Florence a city of excellence of cultural tourism and beautiful rural surroundings.

The Strolling Stories - associate partner

The Strolling Stories are a project founded in 2010 by Daniela Corradini (art historian and tour guide) and Giovanna Conforto (storyteller) for the Associazione Gruppo LeFalene.







Seeing Stories is ending as a project. But through the project we have met many individuals and organisations who want to share good practice and creative skills. So we are forming an international network called Stories in Place. The network is open to all those who through their work, art or volunteering wish to strengthen the connections between people and place through storytelling. Our aim is to further strengthen international friendship and collaboration.

If you would like to be part of Stories in Place please contact Donald Smith, Project Manager of Seeing Stories, and Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on