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The research on urban narratives focuses on the city of Edinburgh, looking at sites of the Calton Hill (2013) and the Canongate (2014) – both located at the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town.Situated only a few minutes walk from the Royal Mile, Calton Hill is certainly the most central and most iconic Edinburgh's hill. Established as a public park in 1725, it gradually became the host of a diversified assortment of monuments dedicated to science.

Is a 10 days celebration of live storytelling, oral traditions and cultural diversity, gathering every year a large number of Scottish and international storytellers and musicians.

The Festival takes place in and around Edinburgh. Main venue is the Netherbow theatre at the Storytelling Centre in the Royal Mile, at the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town.

Founded to sustain, stimulate and support the live telling and sharing of stories amongst all age groups and all sectors of society, the Scottish Storytelling Forum is also the body that established and manages the Scottish International Storytelling Festival and is creative programming partner at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, where it's also based. In partnership with the Centre, the Scottish Storytelling Forum supports a national Network of storytellers involved in outreach projects with local authorities, environmental agencies, community centres and libraries, engaging with all age groups and diverse cultures of modern Scotland.


The project began as a discussion between Storygardenz and the Scottish Storytelling Forum to develop Storyguides for a series of European regions.






Seeing Stories is ending as a project. But through the project we have met many individuals and organisations who want to share good practice and creative skills. So we are forming an international network called Stories in Place. The network is open to all those who through their work, art or volunteering wish to strengthen the connections between people and place through storytelling. Our aim is to further strengthen international friendship and collaboration.

If you would like to be part of Stories in Place please contact Donald Smith, Project Manager of Seeing Stories, and Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on