Seeing Stories

Recovering Landscape Narrative in Urban and Rural Europe

Alfama, Lisboa


Landscape Narratives

Storytelling Festival


Alfama, Lisboa António Fontinha, Ana sofia Paiva, Luís Carmelo, Carlos Marques memoriamedia
The Research

To participate in a common model of storytelling guides, MEMORIAMEDIA will promote field and bibliographic research and collection of urban (Lisbon) and rural (Alenquer) stories in Portugal, including: legends and myths, fantastic figures, historical places and episodes, local life stories.

Analysis, editing and selection of stories.

Adaptation of stories to create thematic routes with tourist and cultural interest in the city of Lisbon and rural Alenquer.

Organization of guides, routes and a local storytelling festival.

The 4th edition of this feast of stories and storytellers has as its theme the relations between human beings and the environment. The stories that will be shared over this gathering have been collected both in rural and urban communities around several European countries.


A 4.ª edição desta festa de contos e contadores tem como tema as relações entre o ser humano e o ambiente. As histórias que aqui serão partilhadas foram recolhidas em comunidades rurais e urbanas de vários países da Europa.

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Intangible Cultural Heritage e-Museum. Since 2006 Memóriamedia project collect and publicise traditional/oral/popular literature and any other manifestation of this culture.It is grounded on the need to identify, register, preserve and publicise tales, legends, proverbs, and any other form of oral culture: the skills of ancient artisans; the uses and rites prevailing in day-to-day professional, social and family circles. Produced material is uploaded on the website


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Seeing Stories is ending as a project. But through the project we have met many individuals and organisations who want to share good practice and creative skills. So we are forming an international network called Stories in Place. The network is open to all those who through their work, art or volunteering wish to strengthen the connections between people and place through storytelling. Our aim is to further strengthen international friendship and collaboration.

If you would like to be part of Stories in Place please contact Donald Smith, Project Manager of Seeing Stories, and Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on