Seeing Stories

Recovering Landscape Narrative in Urban and Rural Europe


Alfama, Lisboa

Lisboa is a melting pot of cultures.The main ingredients are Latin and Arabic. And then came the Jewish culture. And from the sea, since the fourteenth century, came Chinese stories, African music and Indian art... and all the world.

Lisboa is a portal between real and imaginary worlds. Real stories and fictional stories can help us to change the perception of the landscape. New narratives of places can reveal hidden layers of history. Storytelling linked to the landscape is a vital activity for the places with tourism potential to provide a different view. An appealing offer.

In ancient places, there are new ways to tell stories to new generations.

In Alfama, Lisboa, we found urban stories through bibliographical research. We selected a myth about Ulysses, Lisbon and snakes women; stories about Calçada Portuguesa (a traditional Portuguese type of paving streets); stories and facts related with the Jewish presence in Alfama; and stories and facts about ancient water fountains in Alfama.

Pereiro de Palhacana, Alenquer

Memoriamedia has promoted field research and collection of traditional stories in rural places in Pereiro de Palhacana, Alenquer, Portugal. These are stories about rural work and life stories and stories about local witches and werewolves. We also have found memories of traditional Portuguese narrative songs. Stories that were first published in cordel literature turned into the oral tradition.

The stories were edited and incorporated into the rural walkingtour in Pereiro de Palhacana, Alenquer, Portugal.




Seeing Stories is ending as a project. But through the project we have met many individuals and organisations who want to share good practice and creative skills. So we are forming an international network called Stories in Place. The network is open to all those who through their work, art or volunteering wish to strengthen the connections between people and place through storytelling. Our aim is to further strengthen international friendship and collaboration.

If you would like to be part of Stories in Place please contact Donald Smith, Project Manager of Seeing Stories, and Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on