Seeing Stories

Recovering Landscape Narrative in Urban and Rural Europe



MEMORIAMEDIA - Intangible Cultural Heritage e-Museum

Since 2006 Memoriamedia is a eMuseum that show and share videos, documentaries and studies related with cultural manifestations of ICH and the goal of this research is to contribute to the transmission of oral expressions, knowledge, celebrations and performative practices – a project that values the uniqueness of communities, diversity and intercultural dialogue. The content is organized into thematic sections, according to criteria based on the UNESCO's recommendations and national legislation for inventorying Intangible Cultural Heritage. Memoriamedia research focuses on ethnographic research and Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

Produced material is uploaded on the website Project Memoriamedia currently has 603 online catalogued videos available (with respective inventory and transcription data). The website hosts around 1300 videos.

The executive management of the project is the responsibility of Memoria Imaterial - Cultural Cooperative CRL. This cooperative was created specifically to manage the collection and dissemination effort of the Intangible Cultural Heritage through the initiative Memóriamedia.

I.E.L.T. – Instituto de Estudos de Literatura Tradicional, hosted by Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is a partner institution in this Project, with the support of FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.




Seeing Stories is ending as a project. But through the project we have met many individuals and organisations who want to share good practice and creative skills. So we are forming an international network called Stories in Place. The network is open to all those who through their work, art or volunteering wish to strengthen the connections between people and place through storytelling. Our aim is to further strengthen international friendship and collaboration.

If you would like to be part of Stories in Place please contact Donald Smith, Project Manager of Seeing Stories, and Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on